Semi Trailer Repairs That Need to Be Done After a Long Winter on the Road

If you have your own trailer and have been making deliveries all winter, it is time to do an inspection of your equipment. The trailer repairs that need to be done are important before you start summer deliveries. The following semi-trailer repairs are some of the issues that you may need to deal with now:

Body Damage and Signage

Some of the damage to semi-trailers that happens during winter storms are problems with the body. It is easier for the panels and finishes of trailer exteriors to get damaged in cold weather. Thus, your trailer may need to have some minor body repairs done. This is also a good time to replace signs and the signals (brake and hazard lights). You can also have new logos and branding added to the trailer when you have these repairs done.

Damaged Bumper Assembly

The bumper assembly of your trailer is also different and might need some repairs. Some of the problems with bumper assemblies happen due to backing the trailer up to loading docks. This may cause them to bend and break in cold weather. Therefore, you may need to have the bumper assembly repaired to ensure your trailer is safe.

Trailer Suspension and Axles

The suspension of your trailer is another important area that may need maintenance. Cold temperatures can cause the metal to become brittle and break on trailers. This can affect the leaf springs that support your trailer axles. If the leaf springs or brackets break, it can also cause severe damage to the axles that will need to be repaired. When you need to have the suspension and axles repaired, make sure they are greased. You may want to ask about options to improve the axles to prevent future problems.

Brakes and Trailer Connections

The connections to your trailer include air brake fittings and electrical wiring. These are components that can wear out and fail over the winter months. You want to have all the electrical connections and brakes inspected on your trailer. Any worn parts or bad connections need to be repaired before you start making deliveries again. All the air brake systems need to be serviced and repaired after winter weather to ensure they are working properly.

The problems with your trailer may be due to issues caused by the winter weather. Contact a semi-trailer parts service to get the materials you need to repair any issues that need to be addressed before summer.