Features To Look For In Your New Class B RV

Class B RVs, also referred to as camper vans, offer an inexpensive way to travel during a long weekend excursion or a seasonal adventure whenever you're up for it. Gas mileage is great compared to larger RV options, and navigating traffic as well as parking isn't much more difficult than doing it in a pickup truck or minivan.

Granted, the restrooms are cramped (the toilet is typically located in the shower stall) but everything you need is included inside – sleeping accommodations for up to four people, kitchen facilities for easy meal creation, and even some lounging space to hang out and watch a movie during downtime. Here are a few features to look for in your next class B RV, like one from Fretz RV, that will help ensure convenience and comfort while you're on the road:

Hideaway Storage

Storage is extremely important during RV travel, or you may find that the tabletops and beds in the space end up becoming storage instead of usable lounging areas. Many of the bigger RVs on the market feature exterior storage along the bottom of the frame, but most class B options simply don't have enough space in them for this kind of storage.

So you'll want to look for RVs that feature storage space under seating areas, above the driving cabin, and even in the wall of the bathroom. A reinforced roof with space in the corners of the interior that can accommodate large hooks is also helpful, as this will allow you to hang backpacks, hiking gear, and outdoor clothing with ease.

Outdoor Lighting

While there will probably be lighting options available at developed RV parks, it will more than likely be pretty dark around your small rig when you camp in state park or other public lands. Investing in a class B RV with exterior light bulbs near the body's door will help greatly when you need to use the bathroom or want to take a walk in the middle of the night. You'll be able to get outside and see while you ready yourself for whatever night time adventure or task you're planning.

Extendable Surfaces

Because the interior space of class B RVs is typically limited, it is a good idea to look for models that feature extendable surfaces throughout the cabin. A small tabletop that folds up in the kitchen area for extra prep space, a foldable table by the front seats that pops up to hold evening cocktails, and a surface that folds down in the bedroom to make a desk are all helpful options to scout out. An exterior tabletop that folds down off the side of the RV is convenient for outdoor food prep and gear organization.

Privacy Options

If you're like most people, you want your time spent inside the RV to be private and secure. You can do this with the right window dressings, but there isn't a reason you should have to create an aftermarket setup to get the privacy you need, Many class B RVs come with form fitting window shades that help insulate the interior while keeping light and peeping eyes out.

Some models also offer customized side-scrolling shades between the driver's cab and the living cabin so the front area can be closed off to create a private, cabin-like feel when you're spending time inside the RV. Others even come with windows that are tinted to let you see outside and let some sunlight in while keeping prying eyes and harmful UV rays out.

These features won't interfere with the space or performance your RV has to offer, but they'll sure come in handy when you spend time at camping spots.