3 Things To Remember When Installing The Relay And Switch For LED Light Bars On Your Truck

If you drive your truck through the country at night either for recreational or occupational use, you may decide to install LED light bars on the exterior to help you see better. If so, remember to do the following three things to ensure you install the relay box and switch for your lights correctly.

Place The Relay Box Near The Battery

Since the wires of your new lights are directly connected to your truck's battery terminal, a relay box is required to disperse the electrical charge. The box should be as close as possible to the battery so that the wire does not stretch between it and the terminals. The excess wire could become tangled with the main battery cables, potentially causing a short in the entire electrical system.

However, you also need to make sure that the box is not resting on the engine block or near the exhaust. The excess heat will melt the box, making it impossible to have your light bars on without replacing it.

Clean The Ground Wire Attachment Area

One wire that comes out of the relay box is the ground wire. This important piece of the electrical set-up prevents surges and keeps the system from shorting out the relay and your truck's overall system.

Since the ground wire should be attached to metal, such as that found on the chassis, examine the area beforehand. The metal should not be rusted or show signs of deterioration. If it is, the wire will not make a solid contact with the metal, and it would be as if you did not have a ground wire attached.

If there is a little rust on the metal, use a metal brush to remove the excess. Then, attach the ground wire per the instructions.

Carefully Choose The Placement Of The Dashboard Switch

Once you have attached the relay and ground wire inside your truck's engine compartment, you will need to choose place inside for the dashboard switch. When looking for a good spot to put it. think carefully about any other switches that are around it so you do not inadvertently turn it on while driving.

For example, since LED light bars are extremely bright, you do not want to accidentally turn them on reaching for the turn signal while on a curvy two-way highway with someone driving towards you. The sudden increase in brightness could temporarily blind them. Instead, you might want to place the switch on top of the dashboard away from other switches.

Using the above tips along with the manufacturer's installation instructions can help you successfully install the LED light bars on your truck. However, if you have any further questions, you may want to seek further advice from the sales representative at the truck parts store through which your purchased your lights. Talk with a company like Godfrey Brake Service & Supply for more tips.