Is Your Teen Ready To Drive? Three Areas To Discover

When it comes to teenagers and driving, age is only one factor. Just because a child has reached the legal age to obtain their permit or driver's license doesn't exactly mean they are ready to get behind the wheel. Before you take the plunge and let your child drive, discover some ques that can help you determine if your child is actually ready.

Academic Success

Your child doesn't have to be a straight-A student, but he or she should at least be achieving an appropriate level of academic success. A child's grades are a great measure of their ability to understand instructions, follow rules, and set priorities, which are all important qualities a teenager needs to stay safe behind the wheel. If your child has the tools to make better grades but lacks the motivation, it might be a good idea to weigh that in when deciding if they're ready to drive. 


It's essential that a driver be accountable for their actions. For example, if a teen driver speeds, they must understand that they could face a speeding fine or even worse—that they could injure themselves or another person in a dangerous crash. 

No one is perfect, not even adults. However, a child who is able to recognize when they make an error, admit their fault, and take the necessary steps to avoid a repeat of the event is a child that is accountable and likely ready for the responsibility of driving. 

Peer Pressure

During the teenage years, peer pressure is a major challenge that many children face and that parents worry about. A sign that your child is ready to drive is when they do a good job at ignoring this persuasion. For instance, in many communities, teen drivers have curfews in place for when they cannot drive without a parent.

A child that is able to abide by this rule even when their friends pressure them to ignore the rule and drive anyway is a good sign. From curfews to behaving at school to following household rules, once your child understands what peer pressure is and how to remain focused through it, they're likely ready to drive. 

When it comes to teens and driving, there is no set standard. Every child and every family are different. However, given just how much of a responsibility this milestone is, make sure you take your time to ensure that your child is ready. 

For more information, contact a driving school near you.