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Few Considerations Prior To Buying A Horse Trailer

When you own a horse, you will need to make sure you are fully prepared to transport the animal to different places. Traveling with your equine will make you think not only about the cost, but also the comfort of your horse and its safety. To make sure you get the best deal, consider the following ideas to ease the purchasing process. Sizing with Horse in Mind The first step in the trailer purchasing process is to make sure your horse has enough room to be comfortable. Read More 

How Can You Decide Whether a New or Used Car Is Best?

If you're not sure your family's current daily driver will make it through another winter, or if you're faced with replacing a beloved car or truck after an accident has left it a total loss, you may be debating with yourself whether a new or used vehicle will offer the most advantages. Purchasing a vehicle that has never been driven off the dealer lot is generally more expensive than a gently-used late model vehicle; however, with financial incentives and other rebates, you may find that the difference in price between some models becomes negligible. Read More 

Should You Choose A Gasoline Engine For Your Next Commercial Truck?

For many commercial fleet owners, diesel engines have been the default choice when purchasing new and used vehicles. But with recent improvements in gasoline engine technology and rising concerns about total cost of ownership (TCO), many medium-duty truck buyers are opting for gas-powered vehicles. The following explains some of the advantages and disadvantages of opting for a fleet powered by gas engines. The Price is Right Cost is a significant factor for buyers choosing between diesel and gas-powered medium-duty trucks. Read More 

Features To Look For In Your New Class B RV

Class B RVs, also referred to as camper vans, offer an inexpensive way to travel during a long weekend excursion or a seasonal adventure whenever you're up for it. Gas mileage is great compared to larger RV options, and navigating traffic as well as parking isn't much more difficult than doing it in a pickup truck or minivan. Granted, the restrooms are cramped (the toilet is typically located in the shower stall) but everything you need is included inside – sleeping accommodations for up to four people, kitchen facilities for easy meal creation, and even some lounging space to hang out and watch a movie during downtime. Read More